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SBI Offers Personal Loans up to Rs 35 Lakh on Yono App, Know Details

SBI Offers Personal Loans up to Rs 35 Lakh on Yono App, Know Details

Are you an SBI salary account holder? Real-Time Xpress Credit (RTXC) has recently been introduced on YONO, according to the State Bank of India. The largest lender in the country claimed in a statement that RTXC was created with the intention of giving customers more digital power and convenience.

RTXC is a fully digitized loan journey on the YONO app (Android version) designed for Govt. and Defence Salary Package customers for Xpress credit loans up to ₹35 lakhs and can be availed instantly at your convenience on a 24*7 basis. (Also Read:

According to the release, Xpress Credit, the bank’s premier personal loan product for salaried customers, now has a digital avatar. The firm announced that customers could now obtain RTXC through YONO, which is entirely paperless and digital, from the convenience of their homes. It also added that the end-to-end 8-step procedure would be quick and easy for customers.

Real-Time Xpress Credit has eliminated the need for Central/State Government and Defense salaried customers of SBI to physically visit the bank in order to submit an application for a personal loan. All credit checks, eligibility determinations, punishments, and paperwork will be done online and in real time from now on.

Dinesh Khara, Chairman of SBI, commented on the new service, saying, “We are happy to announce Real-Time Xpress Credit (RTXC) Loan facility for our qualified salaried clients on YONO. Our consumers will be able to go through the loan procedure digitally, without any bother, and without any paper.”

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We at SBI continuously strive to give customers an improved, technology-driven digital banking experience in order to make banking easier. SBI claims that by making Xpress Credit distribution digital, the bank won’t have to retain and handle as much paper.

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