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SBI customers Alert! SBI said that customers should immediately report unauthorized transactions otherwise

SBI customers Alert! SBI said that customers should immediately report un authorized transactions otherwise

SBI Login: State Bank of India is the largest public bank in India. Crores of customers are connected with this bank. In such a situation, customers should also be alert to avoid banking fraud.

SBI Net Banking: Crores of citizens of the country are connected with the banking system. At the same time, many times people also become victims of banking fraud. For which the bank also runs awareness campaigns from time to time. However, despite this, cyber frauds are also increasing. In such a situation, SBI says that people should be informed about any kind of banking fraud immediately. If this information is given late, then the bank account holders may also have to suffer a lot.

Give information immediately

State Bank of India (SBI) Chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara said that customers should report unauthorized transactions immediately, so that it can be checked in time. Along with this, he also made people aware of the increasing cyber crime in the country. Khara stressed that customer service should be given top priority and the customers of the bank should be aware of cyber crime investigation.

High level services

SBI said in a statement issued on Friday, “In case of any unauthorized transaction, the toll-free number 18001-2-3-4 should be informed immediately so that appropriate action can be taken in time.” The chairman was there to participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of the bank. He also informed that the bank is providing high level of services to the customers through YONO App and other digital mediums.

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Don’t be fooled

Along with this, to make people aware, State Bank of India (SBI) has told that do not click on any suspicious link. At the same time, do not share personal and bank account information with anyone and do not fall in the name of giving jobs.

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