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SBI ATM Withdrawl Rule Changed: Now without this number you will not withdraw cash from ATM, know otherwise 

SBI ATM Withdrawl Rule Changed: Now without this number you will not withdraw cash from ATM, know otherwise


SBI ATM Withdrawl Rule Changed: There  is news of work for the customers of SBI. The bank has now changed the rules for cash withdrawal from ATMs. Now you have to give a special number to withdraw cash from SBI ATM. If you do not enter this number your cash will be stuck. Actually, the bank has taken this step to make ATM transactions more secure. Let us know about this rule.

According to the information given by the bank, under this new rule, the customer cannot withdraw cash without OTP. In this, at the time of cash withdrawal, customers get an OTP on their mobile phone, only after entering which the cash is withdrawn from the ATM.

Bank has given information

The bank has already given information about this rule. The bank said, “Our OTP based cash withdrawal system for transactions at SBI ATMs is a vaccination against fraudsters. Protecting you from fraud will always be our top priority. SBI customers should be aware of how the OTP based cash withdrawal system will work.

Know what is the rule?

Let us tell you that to protect customers from fraud, the bank has implemented a new rule on withdrawal of Rs 10,000 and above. Under this, SBI allows customers to withdraw Rs 10,000 and above from their ATM every time with an OTP sent from their bank account to the registered mobile number and their debit card PIN. Let us know its complete process.

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Know the complete process here

For this you will need an OTP, without this you will not be able to withdraw cash.
An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
This OTP will be a four digit number that the customer will get for a single transaction.
– Once you have entered the amount you want to withdraw, you will be asked to enter OTP on the ATM screen.
You have to enter the OTP received on the mobile number registered with the bank in this screen for cash withdrawal. 

Why did the bank take this step?

Why OTP Based Cash Withdrawal Required? On the question of the bank said, ‘This step has been taken so that the customers can be protected from fraud.’ Actually, SBI is the largest public sector bank in the country. It has the largest network of 22,224 branches and 63,906 ATM/CDM with 71,705 BC outlets in India. The number of customers using Internet Banking and Mobile Banking is approximately 91 million and 20 million.

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