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Retirement Pension: You will get 75000 rupees pension every month, just have to do this work 

Retirement Pension: You will get 75000 rupees pension every month, just have to do this work


This is a government scheme in which if regular money is deposited, a large amount can be raised till retirement. On maturity of the National Pension System, customers can withdraw a lumpsum amount and with the remaining money, an annuity plan can be purchased so that they can get fixed pension for the month.

The National Pension System is considered better for those people who need a fixed amount every month for post-retirement expenses. Especially when there is no source of income.

National Pension System investment involves very less risk and PPF gives higher returns than Fixed Deposits. Under the National Pension System, the subscriber is given the opportunity to invest in two ways, Active and Auto Choice.

How to get 75000 rupees pension

In Active Choice, the customer allows his money to be invested in instruments like stocks, government securities. 75% of the total NPS investment can be invested in Active Choice. Let us know how much will have to be invested in NPS for pension of Rs 75,000 every month.

For investing Rs 75,000 per month, the maturity amount of NPS i.e. Rs 3.83 crore on the subscriber’s 60 years should be Rs. This money will be received from the annuity plan which is invested at the time of maturity. The most important thing is to know how to raise Rs 3.83 crore, so that after the age of 60, a pension of Rs 75,000 will be available every month.

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Start investing with Rs 10,000

Suppose a person of 25 years starts investing Rs 10,000 in NPS every month for the next 35 years. With a return of 10% every year, at the age of 60, Rs 3,82,82,768 will be accumulated.

If 40 percent of this amount is invested in buying an annuity plan, then till retirement Rs 76,566 will be available every month. Such people whose age is 30 years and they start investing Rs 16,500 in the National Pension System every month, then after retirement they will easily get a pension of Rs 75,218.

Two types of accounts are opened in the National Pension System. Tier 1 account and Tier 2 account. Tier 1 account is mandatory which will be opened for every NPS subscriber, whereas Tier 2 account can be opened by the subscriber at his own discretion.

The National Pension System was first started only for government employees, but later it was started for employees of many sectors.

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