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Post Office Scheme Investment: Deposit Rs 250 every month, Get a return of 66 lakhs, know complete details

Post Office Scheme Investment: Deposit Rs 250 every month, Get a return of 66 lakhs, know complete details

The post office gives a special scheme for daughters, in which there is a profit of lakhs on investment. In this scheme, you can open an account with just Rs 250. Let’s take a look at other information related to it as well.

Post Office Scheme: Many schemes are offered by the post office, which are beneficial for different sectors of the society. The post office maintains many schemes for women, taking advantage of which daughters can fulfill their dreams. One of these schemes is “Sukanya Samriddh Yojana”. This scheme is specially run for girls, in which investment also gives strong returns. If you have a daughter in your house too, then this news can be very useful for you.

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This is the calculation

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana gives 7.6 percent interest. This is a long term investment scheme, in which you can get handsome returns with a small investment. In this scheme, a minimum of Rs 250 has to be invested annually, the maximum amount of which is Rs 1.50 lakh. In this scheme one has to invest in multiples of 50. This scheme matures when the account completes 21 years. After which there is a profit of 66 lakh rupees. If you invest Rs 1.50 lakh every year, then this amount becomes Rs 66 lakh by the time of maturity. In which you get a profit of 43.43 and your total investment is 22.50 lakhs. Every month you have to deposit Rs 12,500.

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Take care of these things

Parents can open the account of their daughter below the age of 10 years by investing only Rs 250. Keep in mind that there should not be more than 2 girls in the family. Account can be opened in case of twin/triple. This scheme is also tax free under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. When the daughter turns 18, then she can withdraw from the account.

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