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Pension Rules: Changes in the rules of NPS, now relief from the hassle of filling many forms

Pension Rules: Changes in the rules of NPS, now relief from the hassle of filling many forms





NPS Rule Change: Now you can easily withdraw money from National Pension System i.e. NPS, as c(IRDAI) and Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) have agreed to simplify the long process of NPS withdrawal.Is. Now the invested money can be withdrawn by just filling a withdrawal form. For this investors will not have to fill separate annuity form.

As per the circular issued on September 13, 2022, the NPS subscriber will not be required to fill a separate annuity proposal form for NPS withdrawal. This form can be filled online. All the information related to the plan and withdrawal will have to be filled in the NPS withdrawal form. Missing any kind of information can stop your NPS money.

What is the process for withdrawal now? Till now online and offline forms are submitted to the nodal office for withdrawal under NPS. At the same time, along with an amount in this form, detailed information has to be given about it. Once they decide on the plan, they have to submit the form given by the insurance companies with complete details.

According to a PFRDA circular dated November 14, 2022, with the coming together of the two financial institutions, the benefits available to the subscribers have increased manifold. At the same time, with this decision, NPS subscribers will get many benefits. Let us know what are the benefits of this.

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What will be the benefits

– Now it has become easy to get annuity and it will take less time to issue it.
There will be a uniform process for lump sum payment and issuance of annuity.
After the retirement of the subscriber, the amount will be paid as retirement fund and pension every month.

Where to download

the form : According to the circular issued by PFRDA, subscribers along with KYC and all relevant documents will have to upload the exit form on the CSR system. On the other hand, NPS retired along with senior citizens will have to register on Jeevan Pramaan portal for life verification with Aadhaar enabled.

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