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Pakistan out of World Cup, India refused to give visa

Pakistan out of World Cup, India refused to give visa

 of normal relations with India years ago. The sourness of the relationship is not limited to politics, it is also visible on the cricket field. Due to the nefarious activities of Pakistan, India stopped playing bilateral series almost a decade and a half ago. The last tour of Pakistan by the Indian team was in 2006. The situation has completely deteriorated. India never visits Pakistan even for any tournament. India declined to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup next year. India’s proud presence would have been a big blow to international cricket, so the Asian Cricket Council is currently considering holding the tournament at a neutral venue outside Pakistan. Although this is not less than a blow for Pakistan, it knows that it cannot move forward in cricket with a strained relationship with India. This is the reason that in the midst of all these upheavals, the Pakistani team agreed to tour India for the World Cup.

Pakistan team will not be able to tour India for the World Cup

Teams from Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are present in the World Cup to be held in India. Pakistan has already been isolated on the international stage due to incidents related to terrorism, so it was not appropriate for them to miss this opportunity. Without losing time, the Pakistani team even stood in the queue for visas for the tour of India.

The Pakistan team did not get an Indian visa

Actually, India is hosting the third Blind T20 World Cup from 5 to 17 December. There was also a possibility of the Pakistani team getting visas to play in this tournament. According to the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council, India refused to give a visa to its team at the last moment. The Pakistani Council has shared its information through a media release. Although their Twitter handle of his is not verified, he has given the news of not getting a visa, calling himself a big contender for the World Cup. Let us tell you that India is organizing this tournament for the second time in a row, whose matches are being played in Faridabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, and Bengaluru.

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