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No challan on DL: Big news! Now drive without driving license, challan will not cut, know how

No challan on DL: Big news! Now drive without driving license, challan will not cut, know how

If you drive then this news is of your use. You can drive even without a driving license. Even the police will not cut the challan. Everything will be done by smartphone. Let’s tell how…

Download Driving License Digilocker: Whenever we take out the vehicle on the road, it is very important to keep the driving license in the pocket. If this is not done then a heavy challan has to be paid. Often it happens when we forget the license at home and have to pay money when caught. But now all your work will be done with the smartphone.

Now your challan cannot be deducted after not having a driving license in your pocket. You just have to do one thing in the phone. All you have to do is install DigiLocker on your smartphone, this will make all your work easy.

DigiLocker will help you

If you have DigiLocker in your phone, then there is no need to take tension. In this app, you can save your driving license, vehicle papers, vehicle insurance, Aadhaar card, voter ID card, PAN card and many other documents. After this, if the traffic police will stop to show the papers of the vehicle, then you can show all the papers in the phone. You can escape by showing this, because it is completely valid.

All documents can be saved in Digilocker

If you do not have documents while driving and are caught, then you can get the challan deducted from the court. In the court, you can show the documents present in the app and get the challan deducted. But keep in mind that you are following the travel rules. Let me tell you, it is mandatory to have a license while driving. Whether it is in smartphone or DL. Digilocker app can solve all your problems. Documents uploaded in the app are acceptable everywhere.

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