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LPG gas cylinder: Good news! Now gas cylinder will reach home for just Rs 587 

LPG gas cylinder: Good news! Now gas cylinder will reach home for just Rs 587


New Delhi, let us tell you that in the time of corona virus, the subsidy given by the government has been stopped. Which the government has planned to start again.

Sources claim that from next month, a subsidy of 303 will reach your account as before. This will give a lot of relief to crores of people of the country. Because everyone needs food. By reducing the price of domestic gas by Rs 300, the common man will get direct relief.

Let us tell you that subsidy is being given on LPG in Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Northeast states. Therefore, the government is planning to start in other states of the country as well.

If the proposal is approved by the Ministry of Finance, then the government will give a subsidy of ₹ 303 to the dealer of the petroleum company and LPG cylinder will also get the same discount. For the gas cylinder that will be taken, not ₹ 900 but ₹ 587 will have to be paid.

This cylinder will be available for Rs 634

Let us tell you that the government has approved the composite cylinder in the whole country. The composite cylinder would have been 7 kg lighter than the iron cylinder. However, the domestic cylinder currently being used weighs 17 kg. The composite cylinder is definitely light, but it is quite strong. It has three layers.

10 kg of composite cylinder will now also contain 10 kg of gas. In this way the total weight of this cylinder will be 20 kg. However, the iron cylinder weighs more than 30 kg. Therefore, you will get the price of this cylinder for Rs 634.

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