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LPG Cylinders: Big News! 50 lakhs benefit is available on LPG gas cylinder, know full details

At present, almost everyone has LPG gas connection. But there are many customers who do not know about their rights related to gas connection. But being a consumer, you also need to be aware of your rights related to gas connection.

Insurance worth lakhs is available on gas connection

Let us tell you that you get insurance up to Rs 50 lakh on LPG gas connection. This is called LPG insurance cover. This is given for the loss of life and property due to any kind of accident caused by the gas cylinder. You get insured for this policy as soon as you get the gas connection. You get this insurance as soon as you get a new connection.

What is this insurance policy

Let us tell you that when you buy a cylinder, you get LPG insurance at the same time. Along with this, you should also take special care of the expiry date while buying the cylinder. Because it is linked only to the expiry date of the insurance cylinder. You should know that if someone dies due to cylinder blast, then an insurance cover of up to Rs 50 lakh is claimed. You do not have to pay any extra monthly premium for this. If an accident happens with a gas cylinder, then the victim’s family members can claim for it.

This is how you can claim

Explain that to claim the insurance of LPG cylinder, you have to inform about it to your distributor and the nearby police station within 30 days of the accident. For this, it is also necessary to have a copy of the FIR. Along with this, medical receipt, hospital bill, post mortem report and death certificate are also required. Let us inform that the person in whose name the gas cylinder is issued, also gets the amount. No one can be made a nominee in this policy. Also, your cylinder, its pipe, stove and regulator should be ISI marked.

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