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LPG Cylinder Price: Indane is offering LPG cylinder for just Rs 750, know how to avail benefits 

LPG Cylinder Price: Indane is offering LPG cylinder for just Rs 750, know how to avail benefits 


Everyone is troubled by the rising prices of LPG. Things of daily household use affect us more when they are expensive. LPG is one of them. At present, the price of 14.2 kg gas cylinder in Delhi is Rs 1053. If you are thinking of getting a new gas connection and do not want to spend much money for it, then this information is for you.

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Actually, the state-owned oil company Indane has started a new scheme for the convenience of the customers. Under this you can get LPG cylinder at a low price. With this new plan of Indane, you will get a gas cylinder for just Rs 750. This means that you will get this gas cylinder about Rs 300 cheaper than the normal price.

What is the new facility of Indane Composite cylinder facility has been started by the Indane company for the common people. The weight of this cylinder is less than that of the normal cylinder. Therefore its price has also been kept low. You can buy this cylinder for just Rs 750. Its special thing is that you can easily carry it from one place to another.

What is Composite Cylinder

Composite cylinders are lighter in weight than regular cylinders. In this you get 10 kg of gas. Due to this, the price of these cylinders has also been kept low. The specialty of this cylinder is that they are transparent.

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Currently this facility is available only in 28 cities

Indane is currently providing this facility in 28 cities. Soon it will be expanded and this cylinder will be available in all cities. For this the company is currently working.

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