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LPG cylinder new price: LPG cylinder became cheaper by Rs 115, know the new price

LPG cylinder new price: On the first of every month, gas companies change the price of LPG gas, in view of this, a reduction of Rs 115.50 has been made on Tuesday.

LPG cylinder new price: On the first of every month, gas companies are seen changing the price of LPG gas. This time too, when the first date of November came, there was a change in fuel prices. The prices of LPG cylinders have been cut by the central government, although this reduction has been done on the 19 kg commercial cylinder, under which (Tuesday), from November 1, 2022, this cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 115.50.

At the same time, there is no relief for the people who are looking for reduction in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders. There has been no change in its price and it remains stable at its last price on 6th July.

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What are the new prices of commercial cylinders in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata

The old price of 19 kg Indane LPG cylinder in Delhi was Rs 1859.5 which has now become Rs 1744. The price of commercial cylinder in Mumbai has gone up to Rs 1696 which was earlier Rs 1844. In Chennai, earlier 2009.50 had to be paid for commercial LPG cylinder but now its price has gone up to Rs 1893. In Kolkata, earlier Rs 1995.50 had to be paid for a commercial cylinder but now its cost has gone up to Rs 1846.

What is the rate for domestic cylinder?

There has been no change in the prices of domestic cylinders, due to which its price in Delhi is Rs 1053. While it is Rs 1079 in Kolkata, Rs 1068.5 in Chennai and Rs 1052 in Mumbai.

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Why does the price change every month

It is worth noting that in India, the gas companies of the country fix the price of gas prices of commercial and domestic cylinders on the first of every month. Giving relief last month also, the gas companies had cut the price of commercial gas cylinders by Rs 25.5 on 1 October.

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