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Jeevan Praman Patra: Good News! Now pensioners should submit life certificate for pension without interruption in these 6 ways

Jeevan Praman Patra: Good News! Now pensioners should submit life certificate for pension without interruption in these 6 ways



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New Delhi. Central government pensioners are required to submit their annual life certificate in November to continue their pension. However, the central government allows super senior pensioners in the age group of 80 years and above to submit annual life certificates from October 1 instead of November 1 every year. There are different ways to submit Jeevan Pramaan. Central government pensioners can submit their annual life certificate in these 6 ways.

Life Certificate (Jeevan Pramaan Patra) is one of the most important documents for pensioners. Government pensioners have to submit their life certificate to get their pension without any interruption. Submission of Life Certificate will reveal whether the pensioner is alive or not.

1. Life Certificate itself can be generated online also. You can generate life certificate digitally from the Central Government Life Certificate Portal Digital certificate can be generated through Aadhaar based authentication.

2. Through Door Step Service- The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare said that pensioners can submit digital life certificates by using Doorstep Banking Alliance of 12 Public Sector Banks or Doorstep Service of Department of Posts. Doorstep Banking Alliance is an alliance between 12 public sector banks, which include State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, Indian Bank etc.

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3. You can book for yourself the Bank’s doorstep service by calling the website ( or or doorstep banking, mobile app or toll-free number (18001213721 or 18001037188) can.

4. If you are not able to submit life certificate digitally, then you can deposit it by visiting the branch of the bank where your pension comes.

5. Apart from this, you can also submit the Life Certificate by going to the Central Pension Office.

6. Central Government pensioners can get their life certificate filed by the Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA) by physically appearing before the PDA.

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