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Guidelines for Gold: You have also kept gold in the house, See the new guideline, otherwise…

Guidelines for Gold: You have also kept gold in the house, See the new guideline, otherwise…




Guidelines for Gold: Gold is not only a metal but also an emotion for the people of India. It is not only a safe investment but it also adds to the happiness of our families. Buying gold on festivals is considered auspicious.

It is not necessary that everyone has the ability to buy gold but still we get happiness when its price falls. It is also considered useful to overcome the financial challenges of the family in future. As an investment option, gold can be offered in the form of coins, bars, jewelry or paper or in the form of gold exchange-traded funds (Gold ETFs), sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) issued by the Reserve Bank of India and gold mutual funds (Gold MFs), etc.

You can buy through. But do you know the maximum amount of gold a person can hold in India? Even though most Indian households buy and own gold, they should be aware of the legal limits on how much gold they can hold. The Gold Control Act was established in our country in the year 1968.

This law prohibited citizens from holding more than a certain amount of gold. However, this act was abolished in 1990. At present there is no restriction on the quantity of gold in India but the holder must have valid source and documents related to gold.

Separate limits for both men and women

TradeSmart President Vijay Singhania told that guidelines have been framed for Income Tax officials at the time of seizure of property during an income tax raid. According to these instructions, jewelery or jewelery cannot be confiscated to a certain extent on the basis of gender and marital status of the person.

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How many ornaments can you hold?

A married woman can keep gold ornaments up to 500 grams and unmarried women up to 250 grams without papers. Whereas for men, the CBDT has fixed a limit of 100 grams for each male member of the family, irrespective of their marital status. To this extent gold cannot be confiscated even during raids by the Income Tax Department.

This means that if you have valid sources and documents available to you to keep gold, then there is no limit for this, but these rules have been made only to relieve the taxpayers from confiscation of their jewelery during raids.

What are the tax rules on gold?

Determination of tax on gold investment depends on the period of holding, ie, the period of holding by the taxpayer. If gold is held for more than 3 years, it is taxable as Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG) at 20 per cent (excluding education cess and surcharge) and short term capital gain as applicable to the investor. Taxable at tax slab. Gold ETFs/Gold MFs are also taxable like physical gold.

Whereas in case of bonds, if they are held till maturity, they are tax-free. However, capital gains are payable on transactions of physical gold or ETFs or Gold MFs. The bonds are traded in demat form on the exchanges and can be redeemed after the fifth year. If the bond is sold before maturity, it is taxable at 20 per cent.

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