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Good news for central employees, salary will increase by more than 44% in 8th Pay Commission! Know latest updates

Good news for central employees, salary will increase by more than 44% in 8th Pay Commission! Know latest updates



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8th Pay Commission Latest Updates:  The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission for central employees are applicable across the country and the employees are also getting its benefits. 

However, the employees complain that they are getting less salary than what was recommended for them. Employees unions say that they are preparing a memorandum in this regard, which will be submitted to the government soon. According to the recommendations in this memorandum, there will be a demand to increase the salary or bring 8th Pay Commission. On the other hand, the government has categorically denied any views on the subject of implementing the 8th pay sum in the House, but the employees are hopeful that

Minimum salary can be up to 26 thousand rupees  

According to the affiliate website Zee Business, central employees’ organizations say that at present the minimum wage limit has been kept at Rs 18 thousand. In this, the fitment factor has been given a lot of prominence in the increment. At present, this factor is 2.57 times, although in the 7th Pay Commission it has been recommended to keep it up to 3.68 times. If this happens, then the minimum wage of the employees will increase from Rs 18 thousand to Rs 26 thousand.

4th Pay Commission how much salary increased

Salary Increment: 27.6%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 750

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5th Pay Commission salary increased by how much

Salary Increment: 31%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 2,550 

6th Pay Commission How Much Salary Increased (Fitment Factor)

Fitment Factor: 1.86 times
Increment: 54%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 7,000 

How much will the 7th Pay Commission salary increase? (Fitment Factor)

Fitment Factor: 2.57 times
Increment: 14.29%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 18,000 

How much will the 8th Pay Commission salary increase? (Fitment Factor)

Fitment Factor: 3.68 times Possible
Increment: 44.44%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 26000 Possible

Government can also launch a new system

According to sources, now after the 7th pay commission, the new pay commission will not come. Instead, the government is going to implement such a system, which will automatically increase the salary of government employees. This can be an ‘automatic pay revision system’, in which if the DA is more than 50 percent, there will be automatic revision in the salary. If this happens, then 68 lakh central government employees and 52 lakh pensioners will get its direct benefit. However, the government has not yet taken any final decision on this. When the government will take a decision on this, it will be made official by issuing a notification.

Salary may increase more for lower income group

According to an official of the Finance Ministry related to the matter, in view of the inflation, the salary of the middle level employees should increase from the lower level. In such a situation, if the government comes up with a new salary formula in the year 2023, then the middle level employees may not get much benefit but the lower income group employees can get good benefits. His basic salary can increase by Rs 3 thousand to Rs 21 thousand.

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Union will submit memorandum to the government

According to an official of the Central Employees Union, the union is going to prepare a note and hand it over to the government soon regarding the demands of increasing the salary. If the government refuses to accept their demands, the union will be forced to go on agitation. In this movement, along with the employees, the employees who got pension will also participate.

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