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Good News: EPFO launches new facility: Pensioners, Senior Citizens will get bumper benefits 

Good News: EPFO launches new facility: Pensioners, Senior Citizens will get bumper benefits


EPFO Pension Status: Today we are going to tell you about the biggest benefits of your job. Many people do jobs just to earn money. But even after the job, there are many such works for which money is needed. When people retire, there is no source of money. Then where will the money come from to meet their needs? Most of you must have heard about the term Pension. which is provided to retired employees. A big update is coming out for all these pensioners. Which we will tell you in detail through this special article.

There are about 73 lakh pensioners in EPFO ​​Employees Provident Fund Organization. If you are also a member of Employees Provident Fund Organization, then you will also get its benefit. For your information, let us tell you that EPFO ​​Employees Provident Fund Organization has recently started face recognition facility for its members to file life certificate. This facility can be used from any corner of the country. Senior or old people will get maximum benefit of this new service.

According to media reports, the government will increase the salary of EPF by ₹ 21000. This will benefit lakhs of employees of the country. This will also benefit all those citizens of the country whose salary is ₹ 21000, now they can also dream of joining EPFO . All these people will get the benefit of social security related facilities. Now if this rule is implemented then people getting salary of ₹ 21000 every month will undoubtedly and compulsorily be able to take advantage of PF account.

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EPFO Pension Status Latest Update

Through this article, we are providing you a very important information, according to which a very good news will be provided to 73 lakh pensioners of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). Now you will be able to take the help of Face Recognition Facility for filing letters for filing Life Certificate.

How will older people benefit the most?

EPFO Pension Status: If you have information, then let us tell you that every year pensioners have to file life certificate. Only after this they are given pension for a year. But now they can file their detail life certificate through face recognition facility.

Older people will benefit the most from this. Because through this, those whose age has increased a lot, it was becoming difficult for them to match the biometrics with the fingerprint of the iris. But now it won’t be difficult.

Calculator facility available

EPFO Pension Status: Union Labor and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has launched a calculator for pensioners, apart from this, the Labor Minister has also launched a calculator for the insurance scheme related to pension and employee deposits. Through this calculator all pensioners and all their family members can calculate all death related insurance benefits other than pension through online mode.

  • Along with this, the Labor Minister has also released the training policy of EPFO. Its main objective is to make the officers and employees of EPFO ​​capable and accountable as well as future ready.
  • Under the training policy 14000 personnel are trained for 8 days every year. After all this, the total budget to be spent in this is 3% of the salary budget.
  • Along with this, the Labor Minister has also prepared and released a legal framework document with the aim of making EPFO ​​efficient and responsible. To ensure disposal of cases in a time bound manner.
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