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Gold Rate In Srinagar Today – Check Here 

Gold Rate In Srinagar Today – Check Here








Gold Rate In Srinagar  Today – Check Here

Srinagar is among the most beautiful capital cities in India. The city is steeped in scenic beauty and is among the top tourist destinations in the country.

The residents of Srinagar have an affinity towards gold and this is evident in the demand for gold and gold products in the city. Gold rates in Srinagar provide a good benchmark for gauging gold rates in this northernmost state of India.

Today’s Gold Price In Srinagar

The primary demand for gold rate today in Srinagar is in the form of jewelleries and ornaments. The city has branches of some of the largest gold traders in the country, providing the residents with ample options to buy gold from. The demand is both from the urban populace as well as the rural folks.

Gold buying patterns in Srinagar

Gold is popularly sold as jewelleries in Srinagar, with coins and bullions also being sold in the city.

Physical gold – Gold ornaments and jewelleries are available throughout the city and residents prefer shopping in the stores located there. Coins and bullions are available from gold dealers and traders based in the city, with bullions being the pure block of metal sold at close to market rates and in larger quantities. Coins are a little expensive and are mainly purchased for gifting or religious purposes.

Traded gold – Residents of Srinagar can purchase gold from spot and futures contracts which gives them the option to purchase gold at cheaper rates. The physical gold is delivered on a date as per the terms of the contract.

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FAQs on Gold Rate in Srinagar

  1. What are the different types of gold that are available in Srinagar?The 17 different types of gold that are available in Srinagar
  2. What factors determine gold rates in Srinagar?Some of the factors that determine gold rates in Srinagar are given below: Gold prices in the international markets, Value of the rupee against the dollar, Import costs, Fixed deposit interest rates
  3. Do gold rates vary from city to city?Yes, gold prices will be different in every city across India.
  4. How is 22 karat gold different from 24 karat gold?22 karat contains other metals apart from gold, while no additional metals are present in 24 karat gold.
  5. Is there a particular season where gold can be purchased?No, gold can be bought at any given time as per your requirements.

Today’s Gold Rate in Srinagar (10 Dec 2022)

₹ 5,085
Today’s Gold Rate (22K) per gram

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