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EPFO Alert: EPFO’s warning for crores of jobbers, those who ignore them will be hit hard

EPFO Alert: EPFO’s warning for crores of jobbers, those who ignore them will be hit hard


EPFO Alert: If you are also employed, then an alert has been issued for you by EPFO. For this, it is not necessary that you are a government employee or work in a private company.

Being a member of EPFO ​​means that your PF is deducted every month. An alert has been issued by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) for the employees whose PF is deducted. This alert has been issued in the last few days after many frauds in the name of EPFO ​​came to the fore.

EPFO does not ask for personal information

Such alerts have been issued by EPFO ​​in the past as well, but in the last few days the cases of fraud have increased rapidly. It was told by tweeting on behalf of EPFO ​​that EPFO ​​never asks for personal information like PAN, Aadhaar, UAN, bank account and OPT from its members through phone, social media, WhatsApp etc.

Do not answer calls or WhatsApp calls

EPFO ​​warned that EPFO ​​never asks to deposit any kind of money through social media, WhatsApp etc. for information related to any service or for anything else. In such a situation, all the members are advised not to answer any such call or WhatsApp call.

Employer’s share is deposited in two parts

12 percent of the basic salary and dearness allowance of EPFO ​​members is deposited in the EPFO ​​account. Similarly, 12 percent of the basic salary has to be paid by the employer. There are two parts in this 12 percent. Out of 12 percent, the first part of 8.33 percent goes to Employee Pension Account (EPS) and the remaining 3.67 percent amount goes to EPF account. There is a provision for the employee to get this amount on retirement. But you can remove it if needed even during the job.

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