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E-ration Card Service: How To Apply, Documents Required And Benefits; All You Need To Know

E-ration Card Service: How To Apply, Documents Required And Benefits; All You Need To Know


The purpose of e-ration service is to provide solutions to the problem of ration card distribution. It focuses on ensuring that every poor gets food security as prescribed under the guidelines.

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How to access e-rational service?

The e-ration card service is available on the website of Department of Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs.

Who are eligible for e – Ration Card?

Beneficiaries who have linked their Aadhaar number and registered mobile number (RMN) with their ration card are eligible for e – Ration Card.

Basic features of e – Ration Card:

e-Ration Card (e-RC) have the same rights and privileges as Digital Ration Card (DRC).

All concerned authorities shall accept the e-RC at par with DRC.

e-RC can be verified online anytime by anyone through the embedded QR code. It can be also verified from official website of the departmentby entering the e-RCnumber.

e-Ration Card holder can download a copy of his e-Ration Card from the website.

The beneficiaries will be able to visit the Ration Shop to avail the food grains from next working day of approval.

The e-Ration Card holder will not be required to carry his Digital Ration Card in physical / paper format to receive food grains in a Ration Shop.

The beneficiary can carry a hard copy of e-Ration Card or show a soft copy e-Ration Card on his/her mobile phone to receive the food grains from the ration shop.

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Benefits of e-ration cards:

The system has been introduced with a vital purpose to end the corrupt practices of holding back rations. It also ensures that the cards reach to the poor and they can avail the benefits on time without any hindrance.

How to Download a Ration Card Online?

Here are the steps to download a ration card online.

1) Visit the official website of the PDS of the state – in which ration card was made. These are different for all states.

2) The beneficiary can find the ration card related services on the homepage of the website.

3) Every service are listed in that section on the homepage.

4) Click on ‘Print Ration Card’ from the listed contents.

5) Enter the details in the empty columns which are shown in the following pages.

6) The details of the old ration number or application number should be entered in the blanks.

7) The details entered are verified by the authorities in the PDS and then you are redirected to Ration card.

8) The ration card will be displayed on the next page as per the details filled in the before details section.

How to Check Ration Card status Online?

1) Open the official website

2) Select check application status.

3) Enter application number

4) Check ration card application status

5) Select ration card details.

6) Enter ration card number.

7) Check ration card status.

FAQs for ration cards:

How much time it takes to get ration card?

Within 30 days from the date of submission of the application. After all the details are verified and confirmed by the officer, ration card is created and issued to the applicant based on their annual income.

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What are the documents required for ration card?

Documents like PAN Card, Passport size photos including Aadhar card is must for making ration card.

Who are eligible for ration cards in India?

People with income less than Rs. 11,000 are issued with white ration cards or D cards in India. This card is also issued to those families who have an annual income of Rs. 1 lakh and above.

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