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DA Hike: Dearness allowance is going to increase on this day, there will be a bumper increase in salary, know details

DA Hike: Dearness allowance is going to increase on this day, there will be a bumper increase in salary, know details


7th Pay commission DA Hike news: Central employees have got a big gift. Dearness allowance has been announced for them. Now they will get more DA than before. Along with this, a big update has also been received on the arrears.

7th Pay commission news: This time Diwali will be celebrated only on Dussehra of central employees. His pocket will be green. By the end of September, the new dearness allowance money will be credited in his account. Not only this, a two-month DA Arrear will also come in his pocket. After a few days, the announcement regarding dearness allowance is going to be made. Its date is also almost fixed. If sources are to be believed, the formal announcement of dearness allowance will be done on September 28. This gift of dearness allowance will be available in Durga Navratri. New DA will be added in the salary payment of September. Now dearness allowance will increase to 38 percent.

Dearness Allowance (DA) is set to increase by 4%?

From the June 2022 data of AICPI-IW (All India Consumer Price Index- Industrial Worker), it was clear that there will be a significant increase in dearness allowance. The index gained a total of 0.2 points and reached 129.2. The dearness allowance of the employees is decided on the basis of this index. The index shows how much DA should be increased for the living of the employees due to inflation. Due to the rise in the index, an increase of 4 percent has been fixed in the DA. Experts claim that dearness allowance will increase by 4%. More than one crore central employees and pensioners will get its direct benefit.

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On which day will you get 38% DA money?

The increase in dearness allowance will happen only in the month of September. The approval for this is yet to be received from the Union Cabinet. It is expected that after increasing the dearness allowance by 4 percent, the total dearness allowance of the central employees has reached 38%. The new dearness allowance will be paid in the salary of September 2022. In this, the money for the arrears of two months of July and August will also come. The new dearness allowance will be considered as applicable from July 1, 2022. Overall, the government will pay it at the time of Navratri. This will bring big money in the pockets of the employees.

Salary will increase by Rs 2276 , will this difference come?

The minimum basic salary in 7th Pay Commission is Rs 18,000 and at the level of Cabinet Secretary is Rs 56900. According to 38 percent, on the basic salary of Rs 18000, the total increase in annual DA will be available for Rs 6840. Total DA will increase by Rs 720 per month. At the maximum basic salary bracket of Rs 56,900, the total increase in annual dearness allowance will be Rs 27,312. Those in this salary bracket will get Rs 2276 more as compared to 34%.

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