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DA- Employees know the final update regarding DA, what is the plan of the government

DA- Employees know the final update regarding DA, what is the plan of the government




State governments have already gifted their employees before the festival by increasing the DA (DA Hike). Now the Central Employees are waiting for the increase in their DA (DA Hike).

According to media reports, the central government may soon increase the DA of the employees. The government last increased the DA of central employees in March 2022. Then there was an increase of 3 percent in the DA of the employees. Due to this the DA was increased from 31 per cent to 34 per cent. At present, DA is being paid to central employees at the rate of 34 per cent.

DA may increase up to 4 percent

If the reports are to be believed, then the central government can take a decision regarding the increase in DA of employees in the last week of September. It is being told that this time there may be an increase of 4 percent in DA and the government can give this gift to the employees before Dussehra. Central employees employees are expected to get salary with increased dearness allowance from October 1.

Central employees are waiting for the hike in DA. But there is no update on this from the government yet. However, the government has definitely made it clear that the Eighth Pay Commission will not come for the time being. The figures of AICPI, on the basis of which DA is decided, have also come. AICPI has been 129.2 points in July. Because of this, it is expected that the government may soon increase the DA of central employees by four percent.

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How much will the salary increase?

If the government decides to increase the DA by 4 percent, then there will be a huge increase in the salary of central employees. According to the calculation, if the basic salary of an employee is Rs 18,000, then his dearness allowance at the rate of 34 percent becomes Rs 6,120. At the same time, according to 38 percent, it will increase to Rs 6,840.

Lakhs of employees will get benefit-

The DA given to government employees is part of their financial assistance salary structure. If this decision is approved, 65 lakh pensioners along with 50 lakh central employees will get the benefit.

In the month of July, the retail inflation rate has come down to 6.71 percent. In June it was 7.01 percent. In such a situation, the government may increase the DA by 4 percent. When the inflation rate was more than 7 percent, then it was expected that the DA may increase by 5 percent.

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