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Central employees Good News! Salary can increase by more than 44% in 8th Pay Commission! read this new update

Central employees Good News! Salary can increase by more than 44% in 8th Pay Commission! read this new update


8th Pay Commission latest news: Central employees are getting salary under the 7th Pay Commission. Now it is discussed that in the next pay commission, he can get a good salary hike. However, the government does not have any proposal regarding the pay commission yet. But, soon it can be implemented. Recently, the government has increased the dearness allowance of central employees.

There is good news for central employees. It was discussed that the 8th Pay Commission would not come. But, there is a discussion in the government departments that the matter is progressing on the 8th Pay Commission. 8th Pay Commission (8th Pay Commission) can be planned in the year 2024. Now if this discussion is correct, then it can be expected that the central employees can get a big relief after the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission.

This means that there can be a tremendous jump in their salary. If sources are to be believed, many things can be different in the 8th Pay Commission as compared to all the previous pay commissions. For example, instead of fitment factor, salary should be reviewed by some other formula. Also, the review to be done at an interval of 10 years should be implemented annually.

Work can be done on the new scale of salary

Under the current 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary (minimum salary limit) of the employees is Rs 18,000. The fitment factor was implemented for the salary. In this, the same fitment was applied on every grade. The employees also opposed this. But, after the delay from the stipulated limit, it was implemented as per the recommendations.

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However, the then Finance Minister, late Arun Jaitley himself had also admitted that some new parameters should be worked to fix the salary of central employees. At present, the revised basic pay is calculated from the old basic pay on the basis of fitment factor.

The fitment factor will increase the minimum basic salary

Central employees got the lowest salary hike in the 7th Pay Commission. The fitment factor was kept 2.57 times in the recommendations. On this basis, the salary of central employees was revised. However, the basic salary was increased to Rs 18000.

According to sources, the minimum basic salary can be increased to Rs 26000 by maximizing the fitment factor in the 8th Pay Commission. At the same time, salary will be increased every year on the basis of performance. This will give more benefits to the lower-ranking employees. Also, the salary of employees with maximum salary range can be revised at an interval of 3 years.

4th Pay Commission how much salary increased
Increment: 27.6%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.750

5th Pay Commission salary increased by how much
Salary Increment: 31%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 2,550

6th Pay Commission How Much Salary Increased (Fitment Factor)
Fitment Factor: 1.86 times
Increment: 54%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 7,000

How much will the 7th Pay Commission salary increase? (Fitment Factor)
Fitment Factor: 2.57 times
Increment: 14.29%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 18,000

How much will the 8th Pay Commission salary increase? (Fitment Factor)
Fitment Factor: 3.68 times Possible
Increment: 44.44%
Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 26000 Possible

Will 8th pay commission come or not?

At present, the government does not have any proposal regarding the 8th Pay Commission. Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Choudhary himself has also given an answer on this in the Lok Sabha. But, if sources are to be believed, the next pay commission may be considered in the year 2024. There is still time for the 8th Pay Commission to come.

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If it is to be implemented in the year 2026, then the government has time to consider a new scale of wage increase. But, whatever the scale will be, it will be implemented only under the Pay Commission. For this, the formation of Pay Commission can also be done in the year 2024. At the same time, experts believe that in 2024, general elections are also to be held in the country. In such a situation, the government would not like to upset the central employees. That is why it is too early to say that the next pay commission will not come.

Salary will increase by Rs 8000 between pay grade level 1 to 3!

8th Pay Commission: There will be a big increase in the minimum salary of central employees in the pay-grade level matrix 1 to 3. There can be a jump of more than 44 per cent in this and the minimum basic salary can be 26,000. In this sequence, the salary will increase till Pay Matrix Level-18. Pay commission is implemented every 8-10 years. In such a situation, its next deadline is 2026.

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