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Big news! Retirement age may increase, along with pension will increase, government is planning

Big news! Retirement age may increase, along with pension will increase, government is planning


Government employees can get good news soon. Government may increase the retirement age of employees. The Economic Advisory Committee of PM Modi has given a suggestion in which people have been advised to increase the retirement age. Along with this, it has been suggested to implement Universal Pension System in the country.

Employees will get pension every month

According to media reports, government employees have been asked to give a minimum pension of Rs 2,000 every month. The Economic Advisory Committee has recommended to ensure the financial security of senior citizens.

There will also be skill development of employees

The retirement age needs to be raised if the working age population is to increase. According to the report, this can be done to reduce the pressure on the social security system. Along with this, there has also been talk of skill development for people above 50 years of age. So that, they can also improve their skills according to the work.

Government can make policy

The government has been asked to make such policies which can lead to skill development. In this skill development, it has been said to include the unorganized sector, refugees and such people so that they can take training in any skill. They should be trained so that they can be included in the counting of the working population.

world population report

According to the World Population Prospectus 2019 report, there will be around 32 crore senior citizens in India by the year 2050. Out of these, 19.5 crore people will fall in the category of retirees. In the year 2019, about 10 percent or 140 million people of India are currently in the category of senior citizens.

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