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7th pay commission: Good news for employees: Huge increase in DA by 6 percent, will increase up to Rs 27000 in December 

The state government has given a big gift to the employees. In fact, there has been a huge increase of 6 percent in the dearness allowance of more than 80,000 employees. With this, the existing rate of DA has increased from 28 percent to 34 percent.

The state government has approved a six percent increase in the dearness allowance of the employees. Along with this, the dearness allowance of the employees has increased from 28 to 34 percent. It will benefit 80000 employees.

The matter was informed by MSRTC Vice Chairman and Managing Director Shekhar Chandra. He said that the existing rate of dearness allowance of more than 80000 employees was increased by the government to 34% from 28%. In this, an increase of six percent has been approved.

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There will be a financial burden of Rs 15 crore every month
However, this decision of the government will see a financial burden of Rs 15 crore every month on the state-owned public transport body.

Outstanding payment demand

In this case, union leader Shrirang Barge has demanded payment of dues to the employees. He said that dearness allowance of MSRTC employees is pending for many months. The state government should pay for it. It has not been paid by the state government.

After the 6 percent increase in the dearness allowance of the employees, now there will be a huge increase in their salary. In fact, employees should be given benefits according to their salary qualification. DA will be calculated on the basic pay, the account of the employees will increase to about Rs 27000.

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