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7th Pay Commission DA Hike : New update to increase DA of government employees, know how much allowance will increase

7th pay commission: Double gift to employees, 3% increase in dearness allowance, bonus-gratuity also benefit, know how much salary will increase


It was decided to increase the dearness allowance by 03 percent to 34 percent in the dearness allowance. At the same time, orders were also issued to give Diwali bonus to the employees.

There is good news for the roadways employees of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Transport Corporation has given a big gift to the employees before Diwali. The dearness allowance of employees has been increased by 3 percent and it has also been decided to give Diwali bonus. Salary of contract and special category employees will also be increased as per DA. 2800 regular employees will get the benefit of this and salary will increase from 600 to 3000 rupees.In fact, on Friday, the 32nd meeting of the Board of Directors of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation was held at the Corporation Headquarters, Dehradun under the chairmanship of Anand Bardhan, Chairman, Uttarakhand Transport Corporation. It was decided to do percentage. At the same time, orders were also issued to give Diwali bonus to the employees.

Under this, the corporation will give Diwali bonus of six thousand 908 rupees to the employees up to 4800 grade pay. This will be paid to the regular employees of the Corporation from the daily income of the depot. At the same time, special category, contract driver-conductors and technical personnel of the corporation will be given Diwali bonus of Rs 1184. For the bonus, from April, it will be necessary for the drivers and conductors to walk 56,000 km on plain roads, 36 thousand km on mountain routes and 46 thousand km on mixed routes.

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Along with this, it was told in the meeting that while apprising the Board of Directors regarding the financial and physical progress of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation, it was also informed to the Board that the Corporation would pay its employees the salary till September, 2022 and the month of August, The amount of gratuity and encashment has been paid to the employees who have retired till 2022 and till September 2022, the corporation has got a profit of 16.90 crores.

Benefits of gratuity and encashment
The Transport Corporation has paid the salary till September and gratuity and encashment to the retired employees till August. In September, the corporation made a profit of Rs 16 crore 90 lakh. In relation to payment of ex-gratia amount to the employees of the corporation, as per the mandate, it was decided to pay ex-gratia amount to the employees of Uttarakhand Transport Corporation working as regular, contractual, outsourced and special category.

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