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7th Pay Commission DA Arrears Payment Date 2022: Double good news in festivals, big profit of Arrear with DA, know latest update from center

7th Pay Commission DA Arrears Payment Date 2022: Double good news in festivals, big profit of Arrear with DA, know latest update from center

7th Pay Commission Payment of DA Arrears Date 2022: Employees coming under the central government have been demanding for a long time to increase DA i.e. Dearness Allowance.

But the wait for those doing government jobs (Sarkari naukri) seems to be ending this month. Actually, according to the news going on in the media, the Central Government may announce an increase in DA (DA Hike Update of Central Govt Employees) of government employees on 28 September. Apart from the increase in DA, Central Govt Employees are going to get another big news before the festival.

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7th Pay Matrix- Good news will be available on 28th September

7th Pay Commission September Update: The month of September can be very good for the central government employees. There is going to be a big increase in the dearness allowance (DA Increment update) of employees and pensioners. It is clear from the data of June AICPI Index that a 4 percent increase in their dearness allowance (DA hike by 4%) will be announced. According to media reports, it can be announced in the Union Cabinet meeting on 28 September. That is, you can get more money in September salary.

The DA of the employees depends on the All India Consumer Price Index. In such a situation, the salary of the employees increases. This year in July 2022, DA will be increased by 4 percent (Dearness Hike by 4%), after which the employees will get dearness allowance at the rate of 38 percent.

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DA dues will be paid

Payment of DA arrears date: Along with the increase in DA during festivals, central government employees will also get DA arrears for the months of July and August. Overall the government will pay it during Navratri. This will put a huge amount in the pockets of the employees.

How much will be the salary

According to the 7th pay scale, the minimum basic pay of central employees is Rs 18,000 and the maximum salary at the level of cabinet secretary is Rs 56900. According to 38%, the total increase in annual DA (Annual DA Update) on the basic salary of Rs 18000 will be available for Rs 6840. That is, there will be a total increase of Rs 720 per month in Dearness Allowance. In the maximum basic pay bracket of Rs 56,900, there will be a total increase of Rs 27,312 in the annual dearness allowance. That is, if the DA becomes 38 percent against the DA of 34 percent, then those in the maximum salary bracket will get Rs 2276 more.

DA may increase next year also

If we look at the difference in the data of the Consumer Price Index, it was 129.2 points in the month of June, which has increased in July 2022. Next year in January 2023 also increase in dearness allowance i.e. DA (DA Hike news 2022). However, for how much more there will be an increase, the figures of five months will have to be seen. The dearness allowance will be decided in January 2023 on the basis of AICPI index data from July to December.

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The method of accounting has changed

DA method of calculation has changed: Ministry of Labor and Employment has changed the calculation formula. The Labor Ministry has changed the base year 2016 for Dearness Allowance (DA Calculation). A new series of Wage Rate Index (WRI-Wage Rate Index) has been released. Labor Ministry said that the new series of WRI with base year 2016=100 will replace the old series of base year 1963-65

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